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Gravel Driveway Restoration Without New Gravel


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Equipment Used, & the Process Explained

to Restore a Driveway Using Existing Gravel.

The first step involves the use of a piece of equipment called a “Box Grader”.

The 6 teeth (scarifiers) are dropped down & begin to score the hard packed driveway,

which starts to loosen & reclaim gravel that has sunken, moved, & been unevenly packed after years of traffic & weather.


As the work progresses, the gravel begins to build up in the box immediately behind the scarifiers.

Behind the teeth is a leveling blade. After the surface is sufficiently broken apart,

the teeth are raised, & the blade lowered. Making several passes,

the holes are filled, the ruts removed, & a final grade is applied;

Thus evening out the newly recovered rock & finer particles needed to hold a driveway together. 


Tractor Setup

The primary grader doesn't reach entirely up to a garage, concrete pad, or the edge of the street.

This is where the teeth on the tractor’s bucket are dropped down in the tighter areas & pulled backward,

thus scoring the drive in the same manner. 

Roller Back

The final step involves the use of a 4000 lb steel roller, which sets the gravel in place,

allowing very little movement until the rains come, settling the finer particles & cementing the gravel back where it was intended.

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